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Che Bella Spa's certified Aromatherapist uses the most relaxing and effective techniques with the application of appropriate pressure to promote your physical and emotional well being.


Swedish Massage

60 min., $90
30 min., $70

The techniques used in Swedish Massage Therapy are designed to relax the entire body. Pressure varies according to client sensitivity and preference, as long gliding strokes are used to direct blood back to the heart. Benefits include increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, improving circulation, and decreasing muscle toxins.


Back Massage

60 min., $110
30 min., $70

This is a deeper, more intense massage, beneficial in relieving chronic muscle tension. The technique used in this massage will reach below the superficial muscles, targeting the deepest layer of muscle tissue, using firm pressure.



60 min., $120
30 min., $90

Also known as Essential Oil Therapy, this is a therapeutic, relaxing, and uplifting massage that helps to relieve tension using the beautiful, naturally extracted scents of essential oils. This massage is designed to help energize and detox the body and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit.

Availability: By appointment only.

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